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Your business on Outspot

About Outspot

Outspot is a Belgian flash deals website that offers experiences or products to you at exceptional prices every day. We strive to inspire our customers through a number of great offers daily – for yourself, friends, your family or partner – and at discounts of up to 80%. We offer an extremely wide range of products, trips and other experiences – divans, suitcases, plants, restaurant deals, weekends away in the Netherlands and France and holidays on the Mediterranean Sea: Outspot has it all! We are proud to make the customer our centre of focus in every respect, which is why we are constantly searching for the best-quality products at the lowest possible price.


An extensive platform for your company

Outspot was founded in 2009 and over the years it has grown from the market leader in Belgium for flash deals into a major European player with a large market in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. Each day we send out 2 newsletters to our members, which means that you as an Outspot partner will reach millions of people through their inboxes and our army of 30,000 fans on Facebook! Our campaigns are based on a vision that revolves around simplicity, online marketing techniques, repetition, impact and cost-efficiency. That means our company’s impact is greater than any advertisement in the largest (regional) newspapers or magazines. And that means, together with a great product at an excellent price, we are able to sell enormous volumes.


What could you mean to Outspot?

If your company would like to sell your products on Outspot or launch your hotel or chain of hotels on the Outspot website, then it’s good if you are aware that we first always run through the following points with our potential partners and suppliers:



  • Is your product high-quality?
  • Can you offer your product at a great price?
  • Do you have sufficient stock for running a successful campaign?


  • Does your hotel receive good reviews (at least 7.5/10 on review websites such as or Tripadvisor, etc)?
  • Can you offer hotel accommodation at excellent rates (at least 35% discount, we recommend 40% or more)?
  • Can you add something to the package offered? (not just bed & breakfast, but extras such as dinners, a welcome drink and upgrades, etc)
  • Do you have sufficient availability for running a successful campaign?


If you can answer in the affirmative to the above questions, then please email us at;. One of our staff will get in touch as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to see whether we can launch your hotel or product on Outspot in anticipation of running a successful campaign for it.

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