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Cookie declaration

  1. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit that website. The cookie is placed on your device by the website itself ("first party cookies") or by partners of the website ("third party cookies"). The cookie recognises your device through a unique identification number when you return to the website and it collects information on your online behaviour.

There are various types of cookies. We distinguish between the cookies on the basis of the purpose they serve: there are essential or strictly necessary cookies, and non-essential cookies (functional and analytical cookies). 

The Belgian Law of 13 June on electronic communications contains a number of provisions on cookies and their use on websites. The law is a transposition of the EU e-Privacy Directive, which means that the cookie legislation could be differently implemented in other EU member states. OUTSPOT is located in Belgium and consequently complies with Belgian and EU legislation in respect of cookies.

  1. The purpose and use of cookies

By visiting the website one can consent to the use of cookies. Cookies help Outspot to optimise your visit to the website and provide you with the best possible user-experience. You are however free to delete cookies at any time or to restrict them by changing your browser settings (see "Managing cookies").

When you turn off cookies this could affect how the website works. Some of the website’s functions could be inaccessible or only accessible to a limited degree. If you opt to switch off cookies, we are unable to guarantee easy and optimal website access.

  1. Types of cookies that OUTSPOT uses

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are required for the website to run and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are generally used in response to actions performed by you, such as when you set your privacy preferences, log in or complete a form.

  • Non-essential cookies:

These cookies are not essential for the website to run, but they help us to provide to you with an improved and more personalised website.

  • Functional cookies:

These cookies enable us to improve the website’s functions and personalise it. They can be set by us or by external providers.

  • Analytical cookies:

These cookies allow us to track visits and traffic, allowing us to measure and improve our website’s performance. They help us to find out which pages are the most and least popular and how visitors navigate through the website.

See our Privacy Policy for further information on how OUTSPOT processes personal data.

  1. Managing cookies

Ensure that cookies are switched on in your browser. If you wish to visit OUTSPOT’s website, we recommend that you turn cookies on. You are however free to switch off cookies using your browser settings.

To turn cookies on or off, change your browser settings (using the "Preferences" or "Options" tabs). The following links contain further information on how to manage cookies. You can also visit your browser’s "Help" tab.

  1. The rights of website visitors

Because cookies could constitute the processing of personal data, you as a concerned party have the right to the lawful and safe processing of your personal data. Further information on how we collect and process your personal data as well as on your rights is available in our Privacy Policy.


  1. Contact

Should you have any further questions after reading our Cookies Declaration, you can always contact us at